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About Us

Landscaping Connections, LLC was hit hard when Big Value Builders closed its doors. After struggling to get the tools  and parts needed in the immediate vicinity and with gas prices climbing every day, the Ewings decided to buy the hardware store and lumber yard. Speedy believes the big box stores like Home Depot are falling out of favor with the contractors and homeowners. He is convinced buyers want to talk to, and know the owners when they walk into a store and how that the advice they are getting is solid.

C&S (Chris and Speedy) Hilltop Hardware offers nuts, bolts, premium lumber, electrical, plumbing, hand tools, appliances, special order materials, metal roofing, siding, shingles, and other hardware and tools and plans to continue expanding their inventory to provide optimal customer service. Inventory will also be rotated based on the seasons. Since opening, Chris and Speedy have welcomed between 40 and 50 customers per day through the doors of C&S Hilltop Hardware and hope the momentum continues. They urge customers to provide feedback and to check back periodically as we plan to grow.